Kim Johnson

William H. Jones - Certified Peer Specialist
almost 4 years agoFebruary 25, 2015
I went through a similar situation during my early adult years. My addiction was credit cards and living outside my own cultural norms. I wanted to buy my pain away as well as buy my own self-esteem to make myself feel better. When I got out of college and started working on my own w/o any financial help from my mother. My addiction fell down all around me and I was broke, low self-self esteem, and Ten Thousand dollars in debt and things that had lost their value! Addictions do not necessarily need to be drugs, alcohol, sexual, or even things that we see or realize that can destroy who we are!! Things we owning me and I was not controlling the things!! Please I later found out I had ADHD and suffered from Depression. I felt broken, lost, and w/o a "real: sense of who I actually was. It was tough going for several years. I had no real discretionary income, bad credit, and financial stability. I found a great female Psychiatrist and a great A.D.D. Counselor that help me to straighten my life around. Lets say that, "Reality can be a very bitter pill to swallow without water and on a Empty Stomach!" I sought out help for my mental health issues and great financial counselor! God takes care of his kids! I got into a recovery group and filed bankruptcy! I had a great support system, both in a recovery and as well as close friends at church, that gave me support and prayers through some of my darkest times. Recovery is a never ending process and its a continuing "Journey Life of Life!" Just like A.A., All it takes is one drink! For me, all it takes is one trigger sign!" Depression, low self-self esteem, not stay on my meds or I "need that!" Self talk is very much a important part of MY recovery plus MY Faith in God. Now, My life is cash and carry or layaway or stay away! Know your trigger as well as you know yourself!! Recovery is not, not for wimps!
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